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Today's most stylistic video: "video game" vs. "videogame"

Kyle Orland

It's a debate that's at least as old as our 2005 poll on the subject (which ended in a statistical dead heat) -- should the term "video game" be one word or two. Copy editors, designers, and journalists have all weighed in on the subject (as well as a certain book author and blogger). Now, finally, we have an official answer from a well-respected, authoritative source: the fine fellows over at College Humor.

The video does a great job of skewering the self-importance of those that obsess over such a pointless argument (present company included). But then they link to an official petition (currently down) that purports to support College Humor's preferred, one-word spelling. Are they taking themselves too seriously, or is it just another layer of the meta-joke? We report, you decide.

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