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Disney announces peripheral-free 'Ultimate Band' for Wii, DS

Kyle Orland

Sure, you love Rock Band, but shelling out the $170 for the requisite game and peripherals isn't even an option if you're a Wii or DS owner. Enter Disney Interactive, who think they can bring peripheral-free rhythm gaming to Nintendo systems with Ultimate Band.

No, the Fall Line Studios-developed game won't feature Mickey, Donald or other familiar characters (unlike some other Disney-fied rhythm games) but it will feature a "deep song list, dynamic venues, and customizable characters" according to the press release. The Wii version will let players use the Wii remote and Nunchuk to play drums, guitars and "front man" while the DS version will also let players "create their own original songs ... and apply creative mixing effects." The portable version will also include support for Disney's DGamer online social network. Look for both versions by the holidays.

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