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Resistance 2 artwork is tentacle-tastic

Majed Athab

You might have seen the awesome screenshots for Resistance 2, but you might not have seen the concept art and character renders that went into making such eye-popping visuals. While new and gorgeous, much of the artwork reveals little beyond what we already know. The American flags in some of the paintings point to the already revealed USA setting, and we've seen those grotesque Chimera enemies before. However, some concept artworks do raise questions -- like that tentacle creature in the picture above. What is that, a new boss perhaps?

In any case, it's nice of Insomniac to drop us little nuggets here and there. They're doing a good job in keeping us interested in this game. They've certainly got us thinking about this one, as it looks to be a step above the first Resistance in every respect.

[Via NeoGAF]

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