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Easy way to keep track of what's available in HD on the Apple TV

Ben Drawbaugh

We were very surprised that the HD available to rent on the Apple TV didn't suck, but we were disappointed with the initial selection -- about 78 HD movies. The other thing we found frustrating is that Apple didn't have much information on its site about exactly what movies were available in HD, so aside from buying one and browsing the great UI on your HDTV, you were left wondering. Luckily there are always people out there trying to help, and we ran across a cool site called Apple TV Junkie, which not only has a comprehensive list of HD movies available on the Apple TV, but if you subscribe to the RSS feed you get updates when new movies are added. So if you're on the fence about the Apple TV, waiting to see how the movie collection grows, or just want an easy way to keep up with what's new, check it out.

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