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Samsung's i200 Windows Mobile candybar in the wild

Chris Ziegler

It may not be generating a ton of buzz -- but a new Samsung smartphone is still a new Samsung smartphone, and so we're quite pleased that someone's managed to sneak a prototype i200 out for a little face time ahead of its planned debut later this quarter. At 11.8mm thick, the Windows Mobile 6 (6.1, perhaps?) Standard handset should disappear nicely into a breast or pant pocket, and that'll have to be a key selling point since it lacks both WiFi and GPS. On the upside, you still get a who's-who of GSM standards all the way up to HSDPA, there's a 2 megapixel cam around back, and we're kinda digging the blue trim. Price this one reasonably, Samsung, and you might have a winner in your midst.

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