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Shocking research shows men like video games


People with any type of condition triggered by shock may want to stop reading now, but research by Frank N. Magid Associates shows that console gaming is the top choice for entertainment among young males. Now breathe, BREATHE! It's a lot to take in at once. GameDaily posted the charts for the study of 1,864 Americans which shows among males overall console gaming came in third behind using the internets and watching TV. Among males 12-34 console gaming came in first and then drops dramatically in older demos.

The research shows that women overall would rather talk on the phone, watch a DVD, listen to music or read a book before playing a console game; however, there is an odd spike among 18-24 year old females for console gaming. Playing free web-based games did better with females, particularly among women of a mature age. No real shocking revelations, but we're always appreciative of research that gives some understanding to gamer demographics.

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