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VC Friday: Pew pew pew


It's been hard not to feel totally pampered by recent PAL Virtual Console updates, with the likes of Phantasy Star II and Street Gangs keeping us up late.

This week's releases -- both of which are shooters -- can't quite match that kind of awesomeness, but they're still worth considering. Super Turrican is a pretty SNES shooter from Factor 5 (heard of those turncoats?), while Psychosis is -- we urge you to brace yourselves for a shock -- a Turbografx-16 shooter.

Blast your way past the break for extensive footage of both in action.

  • Super Turrican -- SNES -- 800 Wii points
  • Psychosis -- Turbografx -- 800 Wii points

Super Turrican, SNES

Psychosis, Turbografx

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