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Apple extends iPhoto book/calendar discounts

Cory Bohon

You may recall us posting about Apple's winter iPhoto promotion. This promotion provides 20% off of books and calendars. This promotion was set to expire on February 29, 2008; However, according to Macworld, Apple has extended this promotion until March 7 (giving you a couple extra days to stock up on calendars and photo books). A recent thread on the Apple Discussions board prompted Apple to extend the promotion due to errors that users were experiencing during checkout.

The codes for North American users are:

  • NAWinterBook08 for books
  • NAWinterCal08 for calendars
We haven't heard if this extended promotion applies to UK users or not, however, if you would like to try, the codes for the UK books / calendar are: EUWinterCal08 and EUWinterBook08.

[via Macworld]

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