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Rock out at the Apple Store with Guitar Hero III

Mat Lu

Macworld is reporting that Aspyr is planning to hold Guitar Hero III tournaments at various Apple retail stores around the country. It looks like they'll be awarding iTunes gift cards to the winners, but surely that pales in comparison to the chance to become not just a Guitar Hero, but a Mac Guitar Hero in front of throngs of cheering Apple Store patrons!

Some of the stores participating "include locations in Bloomington, Minn., San Francisco, Stockton, Pasadena and Santa Monica, Calif., Tampa, Fla., Albany, NY, Peabody, Mass., Houston, Texas, Chicago, Ill., and New York, NY." If you want to know if your local store is on the list you should check its specific website at Apple Retail. Perhaps if Mike S. ever gets over his feud with Aspyr, you can challenge our resident Mac game master at the Chicago store.

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