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Breakfast Topic: When do you start working up a profession?

Amanda Dean

I'm not entirely sold on leveling trade skills in World of Warcraft. By leveling up professions you can create armor, weapons, and goods that theoretically benefit your character. With a little luck, you can even make some money from your trade. It usually takes a major investment maximize your professions and get the goods that you want. In most cases I prefer to wait until I've reached the level cap to start professions.

There are two exceptions to this. Whenever I roll a character on a server that's new to me, I invest in skinning and mining and sell the materials for gold for my mount and equipment. I used to level fishing too. Until Blizzard added the aggressive mobs on the shore of Dustwallow Marsh, I would swim past the Mirefin Murlocs and fish among the turtles for loot that was much higher than my level. I don't usually level anything useful for my class until I've crossed through the Dark Portal.

The other exception was my Hunter. I leveled Engineering along with my character in order to make bullets. This was beneficial for gameplay, and I didn't feel like I was wasting gold for skill points. Aside from these two exceptions, I usually just wait until I'm level 70 and buy or farm materials for my chosen profession. I've even been known to switch professions when necessary.

I do also tend to level up First Aid, even on my healers. It's very helpful when out of mana. At this point I just skip Fishing and Cooking altogether.


What's your take on leveling professions?

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