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T-Mobile trotting out monster-spec MDA compact IV

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile is unveiling its MDA compact IV at CeBIT this week, and despite its somewhat unassuming name, this one should command some serious attention. The HTC-sourced Windows Mobile 6 (possibly 6.1, if we're lucky) device sports full VGA resolution -- a feature that's still dismally uncommon on Western handsets -- along with a respectable 4GB of internal storage, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, quadband EDGE, Bluetooth, and WiFi; since it succeeds the Artemis-based MDA compact III, we'd reckon there's probably GPS in there, too. We'll try to catch this one in the wild as its being passed from hand to greedy hand around the T-Mobile booth in the next day or two, since it's the closest most of our American readers will ever get to it.

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