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First look at THQ's thuggish Saints Row 2

Dustin Burg

IGN has the first look scoop on THQ and Volition's gangster sequel Saints Row 2 and all things said, we think the game has some healthy potential.

It's obvious that developer Volition took the criticisms of Saints Row and were determined to fix everything possible. For the sequel, they've revamped the game's look, bumped up the amount of dialog, added all kinds of new rides and added the ability to fully "trick out" your character with customization options. You'll not only be able to change your thug's appearance, but you'll even get to change the way he walks and celebrates. Also, your "crib" can be customized to your liking as well. Saints Row 2 sounds to be carrying its own attitude (car bombs FTW!) and its own brand of sandbox style fun, but we cannot help but fear that GTAIV's massive wake will all but drown out any anticipation for Volition's baby. But THQ is confident that it can hold its own, so we'll just have to wait and see if it's a fresh enough experience to pull us away from Liberty City and into Stillwater.

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