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Guildwatch: No drama here

Mike Schramm

Isn't it ironic that the guilds who always brag they don't have drama... seem to have drama? Today we've got a great story of drama, and the best thing about it is that the guild who went through it.. actually called themselves No Drama. Trust us -- Murphy wasn't kidding around.

For more stories of drama, downed and recruiting news from guilds all over the realms, just click the link below. We've got a nice full slate of news this week, so jump right in and start pulling trash, even if you don't have a full raid yet. Enjoy.


  • I used to say that guild bank drama was the best, but I think we have a new winner: corpse camping drama from EU Draenor. Make sure to check out page 2, where the accused show up to deny everything. Hilarious.
  • Tasty Beverage (who we believe is on Frostmourne, but could be wrong about that) had a nice little problem with a couple of locks who stopped showing up to guild raids. These guys had been outfitted with Tier 6 from the guild runs, but apparently after picking up 4/5 pieces each, they decided to quit the game. After ducking contact from the guild for a while, they finally sent the GM a formal resignation notice -- via forum mail. Thanks for nothing.
  • Hell hath no fury like a guildie scorned: an anonymous tipster (didn't even share his guild unfortunately) sent us word that he left a raid for the first time ever, after losing on a nonsense roll to a mage who (we're told) was not a great player and had actually missed two weeks of raiding in a row. Our tipster plays a warlock who was hoping to grab his Tier 6 token (he says he's shown up to nearly every scheduled raid for months, and brought pots), but lost a roll that he says never should have happened: considering the mage was a slacker, and he's a hard worker, the token should have been his by rights. This is exactly what causes hardcore drama (our tipster even suggests he use a roll hack to get revenge, and I'll tell you that that's not the right course of action), but what can be done here? My only suggestion is to bring it up with the guild leaders and see if they can right things, but hey, it's just a game. Yeah, you deserved that token, but raid for the fun of it, not just for the gear. Sucks that you lost a roll and a token, especially under the circumstances, but there'll be more of both.
  • Last week we mentioned the concept of a "Karathon," which is when you take down all of Kara all in one night. Pryderi of Venture Co. wrote us about another great idea: a "Kara race," where you send two 10man groups in at the same time, and see who can finish first. "Cross-party chat on the guild channel," he says, "gets amusing about the time they hit Curator."
  • More guild lingo: Horde Defense League on Zul'jin calls all Alliance "teabags," because they don't wait until after they're dead.
  • The ultimate guild drama irony: a guild called No Drama on Alleriagot bank-ninja'ed by two brothers... who were also their guildleaders. Apparently the guild itself was supposed to be a haven for people who had gotten burned by drama in other guilds. As one of the forum posters says, "that's like burning down an orphanage."
  • Same old story, apparently, from Raze on Area 52: Guy starts guild with friend, guy decides he doesn't want to run the guild any more, transfers off the server... with most of the guild's stuff. I especially like the not-so-veiled threat. Oh and there's more: here's what happens when the guy returns to the guild's forums to start up some trouble.
  • "DUH-RAMA," as our tipster says, in Masters of Mithril on Perenolde. The GM apparently quit right in the middle of a raid after Kael'thas was downed. Why? Because he's now attuned to the higher level stuff, so he up and joins Phase Two, to raid with them instead.
  • Zaran and Omegatroll, formerly of Hostile on Malorne (who I believe we've spotlighted here before), reluctantly left the game the other day, claiming they had to get things straight in their lives and relationships. Guildies wished them well and were sad to see them go -- until their GL found out they had actually applied to another guild, Gummi Bears on Kil'jaeden. Drama, the good and creamy kind, ensues.
  • An anonymous sleuth tell us that a ninja featured here on GW before, Hashbrowz, is now Adalene on Thorium Brotherhood, and is allegedly recruiting for Merciful Fate with his friend Kyeda (HB, we're told, is posting as Steakhoof).
  • Relentless on Undermine-H downed Leotheras, Hydross, and Doom Lord Kazzak all in one week. Grats!
  • Along with Vashj last week, Redeemed on Burning Blade-A just downed Kael, too. They're still recruiting resto shamans and protection paladins also.
  • Eidolon on Baelgun-A turned Vashj into fish sticks last week. Kael, they say, is on notice.
  • After an "learn and wipe" evening, Divide et Impera on EU Norgannon succesfully downed Nightbane and has Karazhan fully cleared. After that, they even ducked into ZA and dropped Nalorakk.
  • Widow Makers on Scilla-A dropped Loot Reaver for the first time with just 24 people. Grats!
  • Omnipresent on the Whisperwind server just took down Leotheras the Blind (who didn't see them coming), and the very next night they showed Solarian who's boss! (It's Angela, sorry Tony).
  • Thirtytwo, on Hydraxis-H, one shotted HKM, Gruul, and went on to down Mag. Then, on their first night of SSC they one-shotted Hydross and the Loot Below. They want two bosses on notice, but you guys only get one per week, so it's Leotheras for you.
  • Fallen on Trollbane downed Illidan. Grats! They're also recruiting well-geared raiders, so now's your chance to get in on the farming.
  • Spot to mi plix on EU Nagrand cleared Karazhan for the first time, including a Nightbane one-shot with just two healers (they were learning the fight while waiting for the last healer to log on), and they also finished off ZA's bear boss on the first try. Very nice.
  • Athanatoi of EU The Sha'tar downed Magtheridon last week, after four attempts, one of which didn't count because of a tank disconnect. Hate those.
  • Malice of EU Hakkar have cleared Kara for the first time, with a flawless victory on Prince and Netherspite. They are headed towards ZA now, and are looking for more Dutch speakers to join them for the 25 man endgame.
  • Chemistry, an EU Frostwhisper guild, is a recent merge of guilds that were almost at end of SSC and TK but lost raiders at the beginning of the year. They entered TK just the other day and cleared to Kael leaving 25 members with both vials. Then they owned Rage in Hyjal and went and got their attunement medals to enter Black Temple. They won't need them after patch 2.4, but hey, why shouldn't they get them anyway.
  • Leviathan on EU Azjol-Nerub have cleared Kara with two groups and started up a third, and finished off HKM, Nalorakk, Akil'zon and Halazzi so far. Gruul is on notice.
  • Extend EU Stormrage-H, after "tons of gold for respec, tons of gold for repairs, and tons of consumables," they say, finally killed Illidan Stormrage. Grats to Meester and the whole team.
  • Saga of EU Bronzebeard downed Loot Reaver for the first time last week.
  • Baraka on Gorgonnash cleared Gruul's Lair twice in the last few weeks and have started poking around ZA and TK.
  • Insidious on Kel'Thuzad-A has downed Kael'thas and are now on their way to Hyjal and Black Temple! I believe the correct response here is: WOO!
  • We first reported on PULSE of Magtheridon-H last November when they launched as an adults-only reroll guild. They hit 70 and started raiding in mid-January. In their first six weeks of raiding they have cleared Kara, Gruul and Magtheridon. They're also rocking ZA (4/6), and they're headed to SSC any day now. And they're still recruiting -- theorycrafters are especially welcome.
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon-A responded to Void Reaver's pounding with a little pounding of their own, and Loot Reaver relinquished his loots after their second attempt on just their second run in TK. Hydross dropped later in the week, so Al'ar is on notice.
  • Soul Society (server?) has successfully cleared Karazhan with the downing of Nightbane. They're also looking for a few more good raiders for a second and third group -- hit up their website.
  • Halcyon of Arathor has downed Illidan, which means they've cleared all PvE content! (till Sunwell) Now to get started on that PvP content, right?
  • Vicimus of Twisting Nether has destroyed Loot Reaver shortly after finishing off Gruul for the first time.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon-A is rolling right along -- they're up to Leotheras and Loot Reaver so far. Onward and upward!
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A have gotten their first kill of Prince Kael'thas. Rage Winterchill, you are on notice!
  • After Dark of Sen'jin-H also dropped Kael. Grats!
  • Forget Your Sanity (server?) downed Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker in what was supposed to be a casual attempt on a Friday night. Awesome.
  • Attack the Darkness on Norgannon (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award -- RIP Gary Gygax) have dropped Supremus and Shade of Akama. Teron Gorefiend is almost down, so we'll put him on notice. Am I drunk yet?
  • Chaos and Mayhem of Silvermoon beat up a poor, defenseless bird and a blind guy: Al'ar and Leotheras, respectively. What jerks.
  • Modus Operandi has begun its stampede through T6, taking down the first two bosses in Hyjal this weekend. Grats!
  • Rabitus Slayus from Shadowsong-A rolled right into Gruul's Lair and took the big guy down.
  • Argus Imperious on Zangarmash-A downed Alar and High Astromancer Solarian this weekend. Which means only Kael and Vashj stand between them and T6.
  • Indecisive of Icecrown-A downed Fathom-Lord last night. They're now 5/6 in SSC and working on Al'ar.
  • Midnight Coven (Elune-H) is recruiting Level 70 raiders for 10 and 25-man content. They are ramping up their raiding pool in order to run 25-man content. So far, they've successfully completed Kara/Gruul/Mag and have made progress in ZA/SSC/TK.
  • Champions of Light on Bloodscalp-A is recruiting for a new tank for Hydross (nature resist gear requested, though gear can probably be provided if necessary). They're also looking for holy priests, resto druids, and a holy pally.
  • VoG on Muradin-A is an early raid guild (as in 12a-4p CST) looking for more raiders to polish off their 25 man raid team. Their two 10 mans have cleared Kara and just downed Jan'alai in ZA. They're taking all classes and specs.
  • BOB of Illidan has gotten through some drama and now downed 4/5 of Hyjal in their first week in there. Currently they're recruiting Fferal druids, all kinds of shamans and holy priests, but they'll take almost any professional player into T6; Hyjal attunement, they say, is a major plus.
  • Final Storm is a Spinebreaker-H guild that's recruiting for a second Kara group as well as for the 25-mans. They're looking for healers, but will also accept some tanks and DPS to get some solid membership going. They're also looking into getting a ZA run started -- apply on their website.
  • Right to Bear Arms is recruiting on Smolderthorn-H: They're a recently transferred guild from Ysondre that claims to be a good mix of old-school pre-BC and new-blood post-BC raiders. They're looking to build numbers for 25-mans again, so they'll accept applications from all classes but are definitely in need of healers over anything else. Good sense of humor and ability to recognize sarcasm a must.
  • Killer Monkeys Brasil is a small Portuguese-speaking guild on Demon Soul. They have cleared everything in SSC except Vashj, and are recruiting 18+ Portuguese speakers. But you must be polite, so no corrupt folks, trolls, or anything else that would make the guild look bad.
That's it for GW this week. Don't forget to send us all your drama, downing, and recruitment news, whether it happens to you or any other guild you know of. Email us at, and we're happy to keep any and all tips anonymous. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

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