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Logitech's ClearChat PC wireless stereo headset does VoIP, too

Darren Murph

What's the use in having a wireless set of cans to rock with and a separate contraption to make / receive Skype calls on? Exactly, thus the Logitech ClearChat PC was born. Of course, it's certainly not the first cordless set of stereo headphones to sport a microphone, but being that it's built on 2.4GHz technology, you can finally take your calling habits wherever you go in the house (well, within 33 feet of the USB transmitter) without fear of static ruining a good pep talk. Quite frankly, it's a little unsightly for our tastes, but those who can overlook that can pick one up (in the US and Europe, mind you) for $99.99 this May.

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