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Cinemassively: DiVAS, Episode 4

Moo Money

The DiVAS crew must have worked overtime to learn all the new tricks they employed in this latest episode of their series. Not only do they have special guest stars, such as Kate Hanks and Misty Rhodes, but they have some amazing special effects.

In this week's episode, The Fairy, The Furry, and The Phaylen, she mistakes a tutu-wearing visitor for an intruder. When the fairy attempts to seek revenge, Phaylen will have none of that. This is a series that gets better with every episode. I can't wait to see it in another six episodes. It may win an Oscar!

As an aside, they now use original music in their series. They found that the inclusion of copyrighted music eliminated them from competitions. Great job, guys!

[Thanks, stampshady!]

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