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Say hello to Champions Online's producer

Kyle Horner

The job of a producer is a precarious one, full of uh -- well we're not sure exactly. That is, we weren't sure until this new article when up over at the Champions Online official website about Chris Lena and his daily activities in the ongoing development of CO. So sort of producing background does Mr. Lena have? Ah, we're glad you asked, oh readership of ours -- as Chris was the producer for EverQuest. In our books, that makes him pretty well-suited for the job of making Cryptic realize all of our superhero fantasies. His typical day is full of emails, future planning, status meetings, cheerleading and playing any new version of CO. Can you guess which one of those things we're jealous of him for? Yeah, the cheerleading.

Aside from work, apparently Chris enjoys bringing the tunes on the Theremin in Rock Band, but don't we all?

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