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Rumor: 20GB Xbox 360 is out, 60GB is in

TrustedReviews is pretty confident about their latest "world exclusive" – they say the Xbox 360's 20GB hard drive is going the way of the Core system (read: dying), and in its place we'll have a 60GB Pro system. While the site is sure their info is on the money, they're not sure about when we can expect this new drive (before the end of Microsoft's fiscal year, says their source, which ends June 30). Will the hard drive-less Arcade console replace the missing 20GB model? They can't be sure, but they do say the boys in Redmond are considering adding another SKU to their increasingly complex product lineup. Something in between the Arcade and the 60GB? Or perhaps something with built-in Blu-ray (if that "makes sense")?

[Via Engadget]

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