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Presenting Gametrailers' new series: Star Wars Retrospective

If you were like us, you obsessively pored over every installment in Gametrailers' Final Fantasy Retrospective. Mixing one part nostalgia and one part detailed biography, it was one of our favorite (and one of GT's most viewed) online video series ever. You can understand our elation, then, when we heard they would be doing another retrospective on yet another major facet of geek culture -- the Star Wars Retrospective.

Based on the trailer above, we assume it will follow the same format as their first retrospective, chronologically detailing the history of all ninety-some video games that take place in the Star Wars universe -- from the good, to the bad, to the ... well, you know. The first chapter of the ten-part series drops this Saturday -- to help pass the time, why don't you tell us about your favorite midichlorian-infused LucasArts adventure?

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