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Negroponte says role at OLPC not changing, Windows coming soon


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It's just been a few short days since Nicholas Negroponte seemed to make it clear that his role at OLPC would soon be changing, but it now seems like that may not be the case, with Nick Neg telling Laptop Magazine that his role will "not be changing drastically" once a new CEO is put in place. He also went on to say that "replacement" is not the right word, and that he had never held the CEO title nor used it, adding that he'll now go under the title of "Chairman and Foreign Minister." With that out of the way, Negroponte also dropped word that "a Windows operating system is in the process of being fine-tuned on the XO as we speak," and that it "should be available on the XO in less than 60 days," which is about the firmest word of a release date we've heard so far.

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