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PopCap bringing Heavy Weapon, Zuma to PS2 on a single disc

Jason Dobson

The move from free internet diversion to retail is a daunting leap, yet PopCap has decided to swing across the chasm one more time, announcing a follow-up to last year's PopCap Hits for the PlayStation 2. While 2007's release included a pair of puzzlers in Bejeweled 2 and AstroPop, the sequel, planned for release sometime in June, will change things up a bit, partnering Zuma with the whimsical action sidescroller Heavy Weapon on a single disc.

And if that doesn't churn your butter, PopCap has promised a handful of lukewarm extras, chiefly in the form of development histories and tips, meaning the colorblind among us can rest easy knowing that we won't be burning up the phone bill calling the hint line for tips on how to master Zuma's ever-elusive chains. Still, it's impossible to get too worked up about this release, especially given the $19.95 asking price for what we can try -- and get our fill of -- for free through the magic of the world wide web.

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