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Carnival Games expands to DS, back to Wii with Carnival Games: Mini-Golf


After shipping "more than one million units worldwide" with its debut title on the Wii, Take-Two just announced plans to expand its Carnival Games brand with two new mini-game miasmas: Carnival Games for DS and Carnival Games: Mini-Golf for Wii. We expect both to cash in on those nostalgic memories of trips to the carnival with grandpa, including that completely non-hilarious time you stuck your arm too deeply into the cotton candy machine.

The DS version will demand interaction through a "frenzied combination" of stylus maneuvering, tapping, speaking and blowing (no surprise there), and will feature games such as Alley Ball, Frog Leap and the intriguing "Clown Hammer." Do we bludgeon the clowns or do we wield them? We'll find out in Summer.

As for the Wii's Carnival Games: Mini-Golf, it comes exclusively to Wii and can best be described as "a hole in fun," it says here. A myriad of miniature golf courses awaits up to four players when it releases in Fall 2008. Say Harley Howe and Patrick Wilkinson, studio heads of 2K Play's Cat Daddy Games, "These new titles in our growing Carnival Games franchise are fun, have true-to-life physics and deliver on the promise of the original: you can almost smell the cotton candy."

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