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Harmonix wants user-created music in Rock Band

Majed Athab

In a recent interview, Greg LoPiccolo of Harmonix shared his insight into what the company plans to do with Rock Band's future. He said that the direction Harmonix is heading for is to make Rock Band more personal for gamers, giving them a better vehicle for musical self-expression. Greg spoke of one major potential change regarding this, and that's the possibility of allowing users to create their own music in the game.

The biggest snag holding the company back from actually pursuing this is that there's going to be a whole lot of paperwork and legal technicalities over IP claims and ratings. Despite this, LoPiccolo still feels that user-created music is the natural next step for the franchise. Rock Band as a stepping stone to fame, fortune, and most of all groupies? Sign us up.

On another interesting note, LoPiccolo also talked about potentially supporting the keyboard for use in Rock Band tracks. If Harmonix does decide to support this, our first request is to get more Queen songs on there pronto.

[Via Joystiq]

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