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Lenovo's ThinkVision L174 and L197 Wide monitors join the green parade

Darren Murph

Lenovo certainly hasn't been shy about its recent obsession with green wares, and apparently, it's unveiling two more LCD monitors to join the environmentally-friendly farm. Curiously enough, Lenovo spent so much time glorifying the low power consumption of the EPEAT Gold qualified L174 (17-inch) and L197 Wide (19-inch) monitors, that it completely failed to dish out even a lackluster specifications list. Apparently, it's hoping that you'll feel so convicted by this duo's attempt to go easy on Mother Earth that you'll just hand over your $239.99 / $259.99 without even concerning yourself with petty things like "resolution" and "response time." Oh, and that's the (likely similar looking) L194 pictured -- remember, focus on the green factor, people.

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