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Rock Band Weekly: Black Tide, Paramore and Serj Tankian


Due to a hiccup in the system last week, Rock Band Weekly returns for a one week engagement on a Monday. Attempting not to enrage the rock snobs, we'll just say that this week's bands are less-well-known than many who have come before as DLC offerings. Black Tide is more a classic hard rock band, Paramore brings the female vocals and Serj Tankian is for somewhere around the time you're planning to hit the 2AM drive-thru window.

Individual songs
  • Shockwave - Black Tide (80 MS points/ $1)
  • Crushcrushcrush - Paramore (80 MS points/ $1)
  • Beethoven's C*** - Serj Tankian (80 MS Points / $1)
Videos for the Rock Band DLC are after the break. This week Rock Band Weekly should return to its regularly scheduled Friday venue.

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