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*Sigh* Ratatouille game goes platinum


With the rising mainstream popularity of video games it shouldn't be hard to imagine that licensed games can be million-sellers, but news like this just doesn't seem to fit. Selling a million copies on 360 alone, and 4 million across all platforms, the Ratatouille game will now be added to the 360's Platinum hits at a cost of $19.99, where it will undoubtedly sell even more. Which is a bit of a bad thing, as the game was not in any way well-recived by reviewers who found it to be average at best. We say if you're going to make a money-grabbing tie-in game at least make it solid, as other wise it's just an excuse for others to attempt the same thing. And likely fail, resulting in shelves of cookie-cutter-crap.

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