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Ubisoft's DS pedometer wants you to lose


It's not enough that the Wii Fit is trying to cajole you into getting off your couch and actually engaging in physical activity -- now the DS is worming in on the action. Developer Ubisoft is rolling out My Weight Loss Coach for the handheld, and going the extra mile (ha ha!) by including a pedometer add-on which interfaces with the system. Apparently, the idea is that you'll keep the pedometer in a pocket or on a belt buckle during the day, then plug the unit into your DS and let the software calculate how much fat you've burned -- thus keeping track of your daily regimen and adjusting accordingly. The game / device combo is launching in one-croissant-too-many Europe this summer, no word on when it hits the morbidly obese States.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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