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FCC approves Nokia N78's North American 3G version, too

Chris Ziegler

Finally, we can all collectively get a good night's sleep. There were some brief moments of discomfort at Engadget HQ last week when we discovered a completely 3G-less version of the Nokia N78 in the FCC's labs; we'd heard after the fact that it was destined for China, but there's still a little bit of that queasy, sick-to-your-stomach feeling until you see the true North American 3G version we were promised at MWC with your own two eyes (come on, don't even front like you haven't felt that before). Well, here ya go -- the SAR report for the RM-342 (an internal model number, of course) verifies that HSDPA is present on both the 850 and 1900MHz bands this time around, so we can get back to our daily lives and routines in peace until it finally launches later this year. Carry on.

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