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Metareview: Condemned 2 (PS3, 360)

Justin McElroy
As one of the earlier Xbox 360 first-person titles, reviewers probably judged the first Condemned with slightly rose-tinted glasses. As such, we were a littler unsure what the response would be to Monolith's follow-up, Condemned 2: Bloodshot. So far, the game seems to be faring really well with improved crime-scene investigating and combat, as well as plenty of scares.
  • 1UP (91/100): "This first-person action-shooter-cum-supernatural thriller follows the events of the first game. But while the spooks are similar -- think ambient sounds, disrupted vision, and yes, monster closets -- developer Monolith has fine-tuned the gameplay."
  • GameTrailers (80/100): "The original Condemned was really the first of its kind. The first-person pugilism, investigative challenges, and somber tone have been expanded for Bloodshot. Still, the experience remains relatively the same-just more supernatural and less plausible this time around."
  • Game Informer (88/100): "Condemned 2: Bloodshot is probably the best survival horror title we've seen this generation. The online multiplayer modes aren't going to blow your mind, but they are a thoughtful addition. It's got a higher level of action than its predecessor, and some gorgeous horror backdrops."

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