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SL's Node Zero Gallery


Thursday night, from 6 to 9 PM, SLT, the Node Zero Gallery in Second Life will host a showing of interactive art exhibits from 8 talented artists: Sp0t Schism, Georg Janick, Feathers Boa, Bryn Oh, Adam Ramona,
Aiyas Aya, Ub Yifu, and Crash Perfect. What's interactive art, you ask? It's what you get when you combine visual ideas with programming -- some of the exhibits can be walked through and played with, others will take you on an underground adventure with puzzles to solve and treasures to find.

At 7 PM, there will be a live Q and A session with Sp0t Schism who is currently featured in New York's Museum of Modern Art website, and also on the cover of Leonardo magazine. You can find his gorgeous, trippy videos at his website. I won't be able to make the event, but I'll return to Node Zero to get shots of the gallery!

[Thanks, Lisa!]

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