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Bow Wow and Omarion become Artists of the Month

Dustin Burg

Put down the rolled up newspaper and break out the doggy biscuits, because Lil Bow Wow and his good pal Omarion are this month's Xbox Live Artist(s) of the Month. Word!

Both Bow Wow and Omarion got to share this month's AotM honors, because of their collaborative album Face Off which, according to the press blurb, showcases a "quantum leap in creative and artistic musical expression". And here at X3F, we're supporters of any and all quantum leaping. So go ahead and download their first Face Off single "Hey Baby (Jump Off)" from the XBLM and maybe, if you're up to it, grab a copy of the album at retail. If you do make the purchase, not only will you be supporting both Bow Wow and Omarion, but you'll also be supporting quantum leaping as well.

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