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Mixmeister Scratch brings scratching to the iPhone, vinyl still cooler

Chris Ziegler

Among the items on the miles-long list of things made better (or at least more interesting) with a capacitive touchscreen, virtual vinyl scratching and beat juggling has to be somewhere on there. Physical records have a certain sexiness that'll carry on for many years to come, but you've gotta admit that there's an appeal to whipping out a couple iPhones (or iPod touches, if that's how you roll), plugging them in, and having an instant set of turntables at your disposal. We're not quite there yet, but MixMeister has taken the first step with a rudimentary scratch app that comes with a set of funky fresh samples and will also work with any music already loaded on your device. It's not released yet, but it looks like when it is, it'll work with all firmware versions -- jailbroken ones, we presume. Follow the break for a video demo.

[Thanks, Chris]

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