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Meridian announces MF10 1080p D-ILA projector at EHX

Darren Murph

Every so often, a projector hits the market that's just so delectable, it's hard to stop fantasizing about what pieces of your kids' rooms could be auctioned off in order to procure it. Enter the $14,995 Meridian MF10, which is most certainly one those units. Packin' a totally familiar black chassis, three 0.7-inch 1080p D-ILA chips, a native 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 700 lumens, and a 2x zoom lens (2:35:1 Cinemascope is optional), this PJ exudes confidence. You'll also find a pair of HDMI 1.3 ports along with component, S-Video and composite (saywha?), an RS-232 control terminal and the ability to play nice with the firm's $3,995 DVP2351 digital video processor (shown after the jump). Yeah, they're both available as we speak, but can your Centurion Card really handle it? [Warning: PDF read link]

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