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MS touts digital distribution over 'historic' discs


If Euro Xbox boss Chris Lewis is to be believed, a dramatic consumer shift to digitally distributed media is due to occur "sooner than any of us think." With talks of an Xbox 360 Blu-ray add-on now muted, the manufacturer appears to be distancing itself from the Sony-backed high-def format. "Going forwards, digital downloads is really where it's at," Lewis told GamesIndustry.Biz. "More and more people's ongoing and ever-increasing downloading of music and movies is becoming the de facto. I think that's going to happen in very short order; people want to consume that way."

We definitely don't want to consume anything past its sell-by date either, as Lewis suggested we'll "look back wistfully at shiny discs as something that was somewhat a historic phenomenon in a way that we kind of think about vinyl or VCRs today." Though we don't outright disagree with Microsoft's same ol' song and dance, predicting a large change within the "next 12-18 months" seems overly optimistic. DVD doesn't look to be going anywhere soon, and neither does the sales traction granted to the PS3 by Blu-ray's recent victory.

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