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The Daily Grind: Do you miss Marvel Online already?

Michael Zenke

We barely new ye, Marvel Universe Online, but already you're gone. In your wake you've left so many questions. What would the three-way tights fight have been like? What would your gameplay, world, and community have been like? Why did you leave us, after all the rumors and questions? Why is Jack Emmert so darn bitter? And most of all, what is your clone-brother Champions going to offer us?

What about your questions, Massively readers? Were you looking forward to swinging through NYC with Spidey or taking on the Sentinels side-by-side with the X-men? What kind of character would you have made? Who would you have allied yourself with? Have you turned back to the loving embrace of City of Heroes to assuage your angst? And, most of all ... are you still a true believer?

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