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The Incredible Hulk captured in screenshots


Click to embiggen. That's right, we said "embiggen."

It's a Banner year for Sega, with the publisher getting ready to unleash The Incredible Hulk this June alongside the Edward Norton-starring film and franchise reboot. Marvel's green goon will be gleefully smashing things on just about every platform imaginable (sorry, PSP!) in what we hope will be similar gameplay to that found in 2005's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Sega promises that no building will be left unscathed as you do battle with classic Hulk villains such as Abomination, Bi-Beast and, judging by the background of the above screenshot, Mister Clip. "Muahaha, you call those collisions, Hulk? I can barely detect them! Etc!"

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