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    JVC's DLA HD100 1080p D-ILA projector gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    While we managed to get up close and personal with JVC's beastly DLA HD100 at CEDIA last year, the folks over at CNET were able to spend a bit of quality time with the 1080p D-ILA beamer to determine if in fact it was worth the cheddar. On the plus side, the projector demonstrated excellent black level performance and featured a "superb" contrast ratio, but those high points were quickly overshadowed by the "terribly inaccurate primary colors, which caused severe over-saturation." As for features and connectivity options, everything was quite satisfactory, and in most respects, this device did exactly what it was supposed to. Still, the nagging color issues kept an otherwise stellar unit from garnering high praise, and when a PJ demands upwards of $6,000, there's just no room for visual quirks.

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