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A Crystal Brawl for a tournament winner


Daniel Jung probably already has a Wii, since he had enough interest in Super Smash Bros. Brawl to attend, and then win, a tournament. But he's about to have another one -- this time, with stuff glued to it.

As a prize for his victory in the New York City finals of Nintendo's Brawl tournament, Daniel will soon be awarded this crystal-bedazzled Wii, designed by It features Mario against a silver background on one side, and Bowser against a blue background on the other (picture after the break).

It was somebody's job to form the shape of Bowser out of Swarovski crystals and glue that shape onto the side of a Wii. That strikes us as pretty surreal -- although our job is to write about the act of gluing a Bowser-shaped constellation of crystals onto a Wii.

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