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Choose your own mustache


So there's this picture depicting many what-if Marios, and it's probably old. Maybe it's even old enough to be all Jesus riding a dinosaur old, but we don't care, because a reader sent it in and it's funny. In fact, it's especially funny due to the Mario-izing of avatars around these (Joystiq network) parts. This blogger has the sudden urge to slap a mustache on her own avatar, but it might get in the way of the teeth. We're particularly interested in any other serious 'staches you can come up with, however, or any creative way you can find to add a little facial hair to your pics.

Also, if anyone happens to know who's behind this, we'd love to know. After all, "my neighbour" is one of the best of the lot, and we have the urge to find that guy and compliment his look.

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[Thanks, Ivan!]

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