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LCD TV shipments forecasted to double by 2012

Darren Murph

2012 is really turning out to be a banner year in the world of HDTV -- after all, we'll have 900 HD channels via satellite, 33 million homes engaging in HD streaming and everyone and their cousin will own a LCD TV. Okay, so maybe that's a stretch, but according to new data from iSuppli, global shipments of LCD TVs will "nearly double" from 2008 to 2012, "driven mainly by falling prices and consumer demand for flat-screens and the HD format." If you're scouting numbers, the report suggests that we'll see worldwide shipments rise to nearly 194 million in just four years, and unsurprisingly, the thin designs and big resolutions are at the forefront of reasons why. Oh, and if prices keep sinking ever closer to zero, we wouldn't be surprised one iota to see this milestone passed a few months earlier than predicted.

[Via WidescreenReview, image courtesy of Sciam]

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