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The FFXI Easter egg hunt is on!

Michael Zenke

While Brew Day, Noblegarden, and even LOTRO's new Spring Festival are all well and good, for me the ultimate Easter event in a online game has to be the Egg Hunt in Final Fantasy XI. The official FFXI site has up notes on the rewards you can garner for participating in the event this year - the very beautiful eggs pictured above with a very sleepy Moogle. How to actually participate in the Eggstravaganza event isn't on the site, but the event hasn't changed overmuch in the many years it's been running. For hints, Allakhazam has guides for the 2005 egg hunt and the 2007 egg hunt.

Square/Enix is a big fan of seeing user experiences applauded and praised, so for most of the month they've been accepting player stories. Ostensibly connected to the Egg Hunt event, many are anecdotes from humorous events in the lives of Vana'diel citizens. They're fun to read - especially because they're short: "My first day consisted of punching a bee until I figured out how to equip a weapon, staring at a door until someone opened it, and following people around to find my moghouse!"

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