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A first look at the DirecTV AM21

Ben Drawbaugh

Back in the day, the idea of buying an HD satellite receiver without an integrated ATSC tuner was unheard of, but with all the markets with HD locals these days, it's hard to argue that everyone needs an OTA tuner. DirecTV -- like all companies -- is alway looking for ways to save money, so on the latest lineup of receivers, ATSC was left out. To help out those customers who still have the need for an OTA tuner, DirecTV is going to release a $69 companion tuner for the HR21 (regular and pro). This little dual tuner box connects via USB and piggy backs off the main unit's power via a daisy chain method to help try to cut back on cables. There's no word on availability yet, and while we're sure someone is excited about this, we're holding holding out for the HDPC-20. Another pic' of the lovely couple after the break.


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