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Doom, Assault Heroes become $5 XBLA Hits


Perhaps, like us, you occasionally feel the urge to parade through the neighborhood, toting nothing but an impossibly huge rocket launcher and a desire to vaporize anything that, well, isn't you. And perhaps, like us, you realize (before it's too late) that these impractical desires are best expressed in video games such as Sierra Online's Assault Heroes or id Software's iconic Doom. It's certainly a lot cheaper.

In fact, the two aforementioned games will be added to Xbox Live's Arcade Hits program this Wednesday, March 19th, resulting in a 50% discount to 400 MS Points ($5) each. As Microsoft is keen to point out in the same press release, your determined point pinching may just come in handy for a lineup of new titles due to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade "in the near future:"

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle (Zen Studios): A miasma of "over 100 micro-games" based on the animated antics of the fondly remembered squirrel and moose. Much like fondly-remembered grandma though, we wonder if it's advisable to dig this up in 2008.
  • Shotest Shogi (AI Factory and Rubicon Development): A digital rendition of "Japan's top board game" complete with 16 AI opponents and an online multiplayer mode. It's also set "in an elegant Japanese room," which should finally lend our dank basements a hint of sophistication.
  • TiQal (Slapdash Games): A square-matching puzzle game that has players saving an ancient Mayan village alone or cooperatively amidst an "awe-inspiring musical score."·
  • Wits & Wagers (Hidden Path Entertainment): This "trivia party extravaganza" allows you to get by with educated guesses and a keen knowledge of the other players. You can play it by mashing the big buttons on Scene-It's trivial controller.
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (Capcom Entertainment): Both an arcade revival and an omni-directional shooter, Wolf of the Battlefield breaks new ground with all the impact of a silk sheet freed from its washing line. Still, given our recent experience with the title, making enemies go BOOM and rescuing POWs seem like timeless activities.

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