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Super Real Mario Brother is super unpleasant

Candace Savino

Poor Mario. Thanks to this simulated image of what he might look like in real life, the internet has turned against him. You often don't hear words like "creepy" and "pedophile" associated with the portly plumber, but with this picture, it's hard to think anything else.

Even so, this image (which was created by Pixeloo using Photoshop CS2) isn't completely fair to the lovable Nintendo hero. For example, why are his eyes so unrealistically big? Also, that thing on his mouth looks more like a raccoon tail than an actual 'stache. Still, this is certainly an interesting conversation piece -- one that makes us hope that Mario will continue looking cartoony for eternity. A realistic looking Mario definitely enters the Uncanny Valley, which is one place our favorite plumber should never dare to venture.

[Thanks, Mark and Mikey!]

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