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Another individual hails 2008 as the year of the PS3

Nick Doerr

Going around and arbitrarily spouting that 2008 belongs to the PlayStation 3 is one thing, but when someone brings a few solid reasons to the table as to why they believe this is the PS3's year (and still think the system has a slim chance of winning the console war), we have to give them the nod. Why does Don Reisinger from CNet feel this way? He says Sony has finally woken up and shifted their strategy to make an appropriate impact. Along with a few other things.

His first reason, though not the most important, is the inclusion of Blu-ray. He says that it is important to some and Microsoft's decision not to work with Sony to create a Blu-ray player for their console is a debilitating decision when someone goes to buy a console that also plays hi-def movies. Sony gets the nod for games in 2008 -- mostly hinging on Metal Gear Solid 4 to bring in the sales numbers, but we're sure a lot of you can toss out more titles that have you lying awake at night.

Reisinger's third reason is the fact Sony has finally woken up. The company is no longer sitting around and expecting the world to wait for it to catch up in terms of sales, features, games, or whatever. With price drops, tweaked SKU choices, and releasing more and more things to assist developers in working with their system, the PS3 is starting to get the attention it deserves. What do you guys think is a compelling reason for the PS3's success in 2008?

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