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TR's PAUs: batteries included, some assembly required

Chris Chester

Giant, walking, robotic instruments of death. There's just something about them that appeals to us as geeks. Sure, it might be more practical to build a tank or an airplane as an instrument of war, but you don't get that same rush as you do when you see a bipedal weapons platform in motion. As we've reported to you recently, Tabula Rasa's own bipedal instruments of death have made an appearance on the public test server, and, even in their unassembled form, we couldn't be more excited to see them.

A poster by the name of Seraph on the Planet TR forums went even further than we did, using his photoshop-fu to put together what the Grendel might look like fully assembled, just from looking at the parts sitting around the garage in Foreas Base. While we'd rather like to believe that it would be slightly taller and imposing, it seems like a pretty accurate mock-up from what we can tell at this point. But then, that's just the Grenadier's PAU. We've still got seven more to go!

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