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First iPhone Developer acceptances confirmed


TUAW has finally been able to confirm actual acceptances into the $99 iPhone developer program. This is what we have been able to learn:

The accepted developers were apparently among the first to apply. Rather than wait for the SDK to download, many of the developers applied as soon as they saw the application page.

The accepted developers previously received the rejection letter (aka what Mike beautifully calls the "limbogram"). While the acceptance letter arrived this morning, developers reportedly received their initial rejections as early as the first Friday after applying.

The acceptances appear to be random. One lucky developer noted his surprise that he, with essentially no iPhone coding background, was accepted while experienced, well-known Mac software houses were rejected.

The program is firewalled. Unless you are authorized, you will not get access to Apple's documentation and support site.

Five iPhone limit. For anyone hoping to find a back door way to distribute software, tough luck. You may develop for up to five iPhones and that's it. So no distribution sans Apple.

Test devices are iBricks -- so to speak. Adding the pre-release iPhone OS to your iPhone seems to kill actual phone functionality. Update: We have unconfirmed reports that some developer phones continue to work as expected; as soon as we can clarify this we will.

TUAW congratulates the lucky developers who got into the program. If you got your happy note this morning and have more to add, let us know in the comments or use our tip line for confidentiality. Update: Unless you submit a working email address with your tip, we cannot get back to you. (Hint hint, T.W.)

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