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Battlefield: Bad Company beta announced (again)

Dustin Burg

Even though we already received information about its existence last week, this time it's official with both EA and DICE announcing that a Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta will be kicking off next Tuesday, March 25th on Xbox Live. Beta access is open to North American and UK residents with access keys being handed out via IGN's Founder's Club, Club IGN, File Planet and other IGN owned websites including TeamXbox. Also, North Americans can obtain a Bad Company beta code by being one of the first 5,000 to head to GameStop and plop down a Bad Company pre-order.

As far as multiplayer specifics go, the Bad Company beta will feature two multiplayer maps (Ascension and Oasis) and the multiplayer mode "Gold Rush". And just like betas before it, DICE will use all the data they mine from their Bad Company beta to further tweak and improve upon the game before its release. Remember, the multiplayer fun kicks off on March 25th and will run through April 25th with access being made available through various IGN websites as well as Gamestop pre-orders. Now go, run forth and obtain a beta code soldier!

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