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Battlefield: Bad Company beta to start next week

Justin McElroy

We (much like yourself, we'd imagine) heard word of a Battlefield: Bad Company beta in the works. But we held off on passing it along until some of the details could be hammered out. Basically, you're either going to need to be a member of IGN's Founders Club or Insider service or pre-order the game at your local Gamestop. Oh, and you're going to need to be playing on the 360, as the offer isn't extended to PS3 players.

If you're in the first group, your life is pretty easy. Just hit up this link and you're in, provided you meet the requirements. If you're going through Gamestop, you'll want to act fast: Only the first 5,000 to preorder are going to be in on the month of action, which will include one mode ("Gold Rush") and two maps. There's more info about the Gamestop keys here. No matter which way you get in, the beta starts March 25 and continues until April 25. So what's the word? Will you be taking advantage of the beta?

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