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    BenQ's 1080p W20000 DLP projector gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Just in case JVC's DLA HD100 wasn't up your alley for one reason or another, BenQ's hoping to occupy that spot you're reserving for a swank 1080p PJ with its W20000. Recently reviewed over at Trusted Reviews, this DLP beamer was mighty impressive in most respects, garnering praise for its "exceptionally vivid" colors and equally stunning sharpness. We're also told of its "very deep blacks and remarkable dynamics," and before long, we're pretty sure this one's a surefire winner. Unfortunately, a single gripe ratcheted an otherwise fantastic projector down from greatness -- speckling noise; reportedly, a "surprising amount" was noticed, particularly in scenes with shots of bright skies. All in all, the W20000 is still probably worth a look, but we'd want it set up for viewing before dropping upwards of $6,500 only to be bothered by one nagging issue for the rest of its life.

    [Via AboutProjectors]

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