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Hudson bringing triple-dose of Bomberman to Wii


Wii owners and fans of the adorable lil terrorist Bomberman will be pleased to learn that not one, not two , but three different Bomberman titles are currently in development for the Nintendo console. The latest two include the traditional WiiWare version already announced, as well as a less traditional retail version, due out this June in Japan.

If you're a bit confused, don't worry. The two titles were mixed up in the original Famitsu report, but a representative from Hudson has set the record straight. The WiiWare Bomberman is the classic throwback, while the retail Wii Bomberman will feature 8-player online multiplayer, with new items and Mii support.

This appears to be a different retail title than the minigame-centric Bomberman Land, meaning that Hudson's "big plans" for Bomberman were apparently viciously milking the franchise for all it's worth.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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